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  • Real Assistant™

    Real Assistants™ are the foundation of all other jobs at our company. Our business is providing real assistance to customers who request our help finding or doing things for them. So whether your goal is to work in Customer Support, Online Marketing, or Sales, the skills required for the Real Assistant™ job are a pre-requisite for all other jobs and in everything that you do for the company.

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    Desktop or Laptop, headset, and Skype installed (phones not acceptable)

    Reliable and Quick Internet Connection (1+Mbps).

    Two consecutive hours available to work Mon.-Fri. as scheduled without distractions.

    Reliability to be at your shift on time as scheduled.

    Self-discipline required to work from home.

    Premium web search skills.

    Self-motivation to provide exceptional results that your customers and team can rely on.

    Proficient speaking and understanding oral and written American English in response to Customers and Colleagues.

    Use the online tools, resources, and instructions provided through training and our internal system to work the duration of each shift.


    While each candidate will be placed in the primary position they are most qualified for after training, some of the duties of each position overlap to other skill areas. Therefore, every candidate must have the Flexibility to learn and utilize different skills learned during training when needed, such as Customer Support, Online Marketing, Product Testing, and Sales.

    Ability to manage multiple tasks such as customer calls, texts, and emails.

    Utilize sales opportunities to communicate to new callers and existing customers the services we provide.

    Conduct effective web search in response to customer requests.

    Organize the fulfillment of service requests.

    Post online marketing ads.

    Assist and cooperate with testing and debugging new versions of internal systems.

    Maintain sufficient performance standards provided for each task.


    Depends on experience.