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February 14, 201910:181310362340618019238530

Hi, my name is collin I'd be needing your service in my home. L

February 12, 201908:041714243406114438018129

Hello, my name is Jose Rosario. I am reaching out to inquire about your rental assistance program. I am having trouble finding a home due to credit/rental history.

February 9, 201922:181310402056618052367697

Would like to talk to you about boat detailing tomorrow

February 8, 201917:391714243406117144708474

Interested in 3 bed apt via Craigslist. In fullerton

February 8, 201916:331310361016517145858392

I'm interested to know more about your credit repair service.

February 6, 201922:341310362340619494846424


February 6, 201922:341310362340619494846424

(1/2)Hi I are you free tomorrow for an estimate for gardening around 1:30 pm or 3 pm. I'm near fairfax and olympic. If the price is right also start the job

February 6, 201913:281310356081718183191608

Hello good afternoon my name is Diandra I came across your ad and I was interested in seeing your property if you can kindly let me know when will be the best time it'll be appreciated thanks

February 5, 201915:531310359145718482139191

Theresa Ulm http://www.oreso.ooo/iXXBhs 231 W. Steuben St.

February 4, 201918:591310349368713105694901

Hello Robert. I'm George. My kid is in 4th grade culver city private school. Do you teach Singapore math. If so do you travel or is it at ur place or office?
I live in Mar vista seems very close to where your map shows within minutes

February 4, 201915:381310359185913102101883

I have a jailbroken iPhone 5s. Do you do the latest jailbreak? And is my phone compatible?

February 3, 201916:491310356081713233748424

Hi I wanted some info on your rentals

February 3, 201911:481310356081718183191608

Hi I was interested in your property in Torrance

February 2, 201918:401310356081719254709524

Hello Clayton, my name is Cordelia. Interested in your cl ad.

February 2, 201914:111310356081714247892299

Hi is the property on CL Hawthorne ? 1 bed available feb 10 also do you pay a finders fee? Thank you

February 2, 201913:451714243406117143996836

When can we come look at this this beautiful apartment

February 1, 201915:581310356081713102168003

Hi are you currently accepting Inglewood section 8 vouchers?

February 1, 201908:071310356081713104846384

Good morning, I'd like to inquire about your services.

January 31, 201922:141714243406117149899626

HI my name is Brandon, I am interested in the 2 bedroom apartment. Would like to schedule an appointment sometime this week

January 31, 201914:471310496727914247728158

Hi how much do you charge for bath and grooming. I have a 18 lb cocker spaniel located in north Hollywood

January 31, 201908:471310356081712133596136

Still looking for help finding section 8 listings

January 30, 201920:301310356081714242369857

good evening we would like to inquire if you have a 2 bedroom apartment in torrance..

January 30, 201914:041310356081716613652395

Hi do you have any rental houses available?

January 30, 201913:321310356081712132928671

Is This Place Available?

January 30, 201913:311310356081712132928671


January 30, 201913:311310356081712132928671


January 29, 201920:591310356081714242020895


January 29, 201920:591310356081714242020895

Could I come look tomorrow at some point?

January 29, 201920:591310356081714242020895

Hi Clayton!! Super interested in the north Hollywood one bedroom!

January 29, 201919:361310695257819095606128

Hello, I need a narrative fictional essay written for an English class. Minimum 3 pages. I need it by the feb 3. I'm swamped don't have the time. What's your quote?

January 29, 201919:121310356081718087570162

Hi I'm moving to Southern California in April and need some help finding a rental.

January 29, 201917:591310356081713602443942

Hello. I saw your add on Craigslist. Is there a way we can chat so you could help me find a rental?

January 29, 201917:511310356081712134298756


January 29, 201917:001714243406117148662162

Hello I'm trying to find an apartment quick but do not have good credit. Can you help?

January 29, 201916:471310356081713235921793


January 29, 201916:301310356081713235573056

Hello Clayton are your services still available ? Me and my fiancé are looking for a place to move ASAP please hit me back

January 28, 201917:471310356081716789144404

Oh I see this unit is near North Hollywood and im trying to work with this company opening there in April. Please help. , I set goals and.achieve them . My goal achieve place to live and get work close to home.

January 28, 201917:431310356081716789144404

I need your help with Securing a rental asap. I am 55+,i recently had major surgery. The follow ups run about a year. I have section i voucher 2 bedroom. My son is my caretaker while I can not work. He works at Airlines LAX . We are looking to rent asap
I know know issjes with Gov has everone concerned. My skn can cover rent in case section 8 checks stop
He is only assisting me through recovery ,can you pldase help us rent this nice two bedroom near the LAX?

I reached out to you before bjt did not get a reply? Its a lot of information but I like to be understood.
We are good folk, clean and drug free. I would appreciate your reply.

January 28, 201915:141310356081716264888505

Hello. My name is Delois McCoy and I have a 2 bedroom section 8 voucher. Can u help me find a home 2+2. My price range is 2,045. Thank u for your time

January 28, 201915:131310356081719494265014

Good afternoon, we're looking for a house for rent in Lancaster, Rosamond or Mojave. Would you be able to help?

January 27, 201921:241714243406113154063110

Perfect payment history

January 27, 201921:241714243406113154063110

I'm looking for a 1 bedroom apartment. My credits nit great but I have a 2 year track record of affording my rent in another complex

January 27, 201921:231714243406113154063110

Hi clayton

January 27, 201912:011424258946717752004022

I got u number from Craigslist, I think I need AC checked possibly need Freon. My car 2011 Jeep Liberty sport. Cost estimate please

January 27, 201909:211310496727913239831907

Hi I saw your ad on Craigslist and was wondering on pricing. How much for grooming for Pomeranian and German Shepherd.

January 27, 201906:191310496727913232392251

Good morning what do you charge for a haircut and bath for a maltipoo located in Carson and do you have any openings today?

January 26, 201908:431310356081714692236916

Good morning Clayton,
Do you still have unit available?

January 25, 201921:411310402056613106541197

Hi. I need a quote on restoring the shine on the fiberglass body of a three wheel scooter. The body is showing oxidation and faded spots as the scooter has been sitting outside for a longer time. It is a gel coat fiberglass body. Can I send you pictures?

January 25, 201916:401786207131016282499751

Mary is wanting to get int. doors in Merritt Island. You have 1st priority. Reply 1 if interested, 3 if not

January 25, 201914:571310356081713238057599

Clayton my name is Dorothy clay and I need help with getting a place no evictions credit score of 524

January 25, 201914:241310496727913235909547

Interested in grooming services

January 24, 201913:361310356081718605744388

Hi there, my name is Finn -
I'm interested 2br in silverlake. Wanted to get a bit more information and come check the place out if possible

January 23, 201920:051714243406116783300043


January 23, 201913:161424258975917404692983


January 23, 201913:161424258975917404692983

(1/2)Hello this is John, I would like to know if you do Hair Styles, Nails and eye lashes at your salon or studio and do you accept credit card as a method of

January 23, 201908:501310349367512137702094


January 22, 201913:101310356081719096936710

Hello what are the requirements for move in

January 22, 201912:451714243406119494126523

Do u have any apartments available?

January 22, 201910:161310496727913108671659

Hi! I have two shih tzus and they are in need of a deep cleanse. I just got back in town and my neighbor looked after them but they havent been cut or bathed. Can you help? How much would you charge

January 22, 201910:071310496727913107356537

Hey do u do grooming in Gardena?

January 22, 201910:071310496727913107356537

Mobile Pet grooming - We come to you!

January 22, 201908:391310349367519494097684

WOW!! 7 GRAMS for ONLY $30 on OG Kush & Sour OG!! (limit 3/pp) TODAY ONLY @ SACRED SPIRIT~ + MORE!! Reply STOP 2end. 10500 S Inglewood Ave. Inglewood, CA

January 22, 201908:351310349367512137702094

WOW!! UNLIMITED 5 GRAM 8th's TODAY @ LA VATED~ + 5 GRAM 8th's on MOONROCKS for ONLY $60!! + MORE IN-STORE DEALS~ 436 W Manchester Blvd. Inglewood, CA

January 22, 201907:581310356081714243077168

Hi i saw your ad on Craigslist

January 22, 201906:061310356081713109411664

Hi my name is Javon Pierce. I am interested in renting the property you have listed on Craigslist. I am interested in the place for my daughter and I. Please send more information

January 21, 201920:271310356081719735087735

Hello Clayton my name is Jaylin Reavis , I am contacting you in regards to your two bedroom apt available in el Monte , I had a few questions and would hope to get in contact soon. Thanks for your time.

January 21, 201920:161310356081718182923507

Hello there I’m interested to rent this place

January 21, 201916:441310356081717147429500

Hi was hoping to find out if the bellflower unit in Craigslist was still available

January 21, 201916:291310773382716262337423

Hello. Im texting about your craigslist ad for gardener services. Im in sunland and need someone to clean up some planter beds and maintain a front yard and parkway.

January 21, 201915:461310356081715623374909

I've called you before about assistance with apartment searching and have received no response?

January 21, 201915:371310356081713104833245

I'm needing help getting into a place

January 21, 201914:571310356081713235709213

You can contact me to this number, Thank you

January 21, 201914:561310356081713235709213

Hello My name is Liliana and I seen your ad on Craigslist about apartments for rent even if you have bad credit? I wanted a little more information because I am looking for an apartment at the moment but my credit is not all that great

January 21, 201914:281310356081715626393446

Hello my name is Reyna and I was interested in your service.

January 21, 201912:311310356081713104208991

Good afternoon my name is Amber I'm Inquiring in regards to your ad placed on craigslist I'm interested in is the Apartment still available

January 21, 201910:161714243406117145926246

Hello id like to know when 2 br in Anaheim is available an whats the down payment an is there any pet policy

January 21, 201910:151310356081717472487414

i see you guys help people who can't fine apartment like base on bad credit and all

January 21, 201910:041310356081716465657141

I need an apt. Have strong financial proof but not great credit. Score is below 600 with Equifax

January 21, 201910:031310356081716465657141

Hi Clayton

January 21, 201908:481310349367519494097684

COME GET YOUR 5 GRAM 8th's TODAY @ SACRED SPIRIT~ UNLIMITED & ALL DAY!! + 5 GRAMS of VIPER MOONROCKS for ONLY $60!! + MORE~ 10500 S Inglewood Ave. Inglewood, CA

January 20, 201915:111310356081712133596136

Hello, I saw your ad on CL about help with finding section 8 apartments.

January 20, 201911:181310356081716264922216

Hello Clayton.. I saw your add on Craigslist.. and I am interested in knowing how your agency works.. is there a fee?

January 20, 201910:461310356081717147429500

Hi cksytin. I was hoping to find out if your bellflower listing on Craigslist was still available. Thanks. Jeff

January 20, 201908:301310349367512137702094

HAPPY SUNDAY from LA VATED!! STOP BY TODAY for 7 GRAMS for ONLY $30 on OG Kush & Sour OG!! (limit 3/pp) txt STOP 2end. 436 W Manchester Blvd. Inglewood, CA

January 19, 201921:581310695299919253238837

Hi. How much do you charge to snake a drain? My kitchen sink is clogged. I live in Culver city. thanks

January 19, 201920:571310496727913237368344


January 19, 201920:491714243406116783300043


January 19, 201919:271310496727913237368344


I am Drew. I'm in Inglewood. I just adopted a rescue Shitzu. I noticed a few fleas. I cannot go to Petco because I am recovering from an illness at the

January 19, 201919:271310496727913237368344


I am Drew. I'm in Inglewood. I just adopted a rescue Shitzu. I noticed a few fleas. I cannot go to Petco because I am recovering from an illness at the

January 19, 201919:251310356081713109259719

Hello there I was wondering if your 2 br apartment was still available and if so when could we possibly view it?

January 19, 201915:261310356081715626682848

(1/4) Hello Clayton
My name is Paul and I am contacting you regarding your ad on Craigslist about getting an apartment I'm wondering if you have anything in

January 19, 201915:141310356081716198021066

Hello good afternoon My name is Angel Romero and I would like to know what I need to lease the apartment to and if I could send me the address to be able to go see it

January 19, 201914:491310356081717163469040

Hello I'm inquiring on your homes I have a section 8 voucher for 1,791 looking to see if someone could be of assistance to me please

January 19, 201913:371310356081713109717292

I am inquiring about apartment for rent in El Monte. Wanted to know if it was still available and what is a required for application?

January 19, 201913:361310356081713109717292

Hello and great day.

January 19, 201909:401310349367519494097684


January 18, 201920:521310496727916262670160

Hello I saw your add on Craigslist and I was wanting to get a price for a small dog bath,nail trim, and hair trim?

January 18, 201920:371310496727913109718918

How much to groom a husky

January 18, 201916:261310362340613104037679

Can u guys chainsaw a big bush and cart away?

January 18, 201914:431310356081716265593390

Hello, I want information on how to be able to rent a unit with bad credit

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