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October 18, 201818:4316146954715

G-205150 is your Google verification code.

October 18, 201818:4216146954715

G-205150 is your Google verification code.

October 18, 201817:1213108195049

Hello we are looking for a 2 bedroom place. Could I get more information on $1750 / 2br - 1100ft2? Thank you.

October 18, 201817:0013106142677

What properties do u have for rent.. 2 beds..?

October 18, 201815:5318188596979

My name is Yolanda I'm texting you regarding your 2 bedroom apartment in Van Nuys. I will like to know what are your requirements?

October 18, 201815:0513034194709

Is it still available?

October 18, 201814:5814245212265

Please contact me back at this number ( Auset Burks )

October 18, 201814:5814245212265

Hello, i found your information on Craigslist, im interested in any Studio or 1br apartments you have available under $1200 & also accepting a dog

October 18, 201814:5713239013936

Hi this is Noreen I'm very interested in the apartment you have available right now please contact me for more details. Thank you so much.

October 18, 201814:2018185306495

How does your service work?

October 18, 201814:2018185306495

Hi Clayton

October 18, 201813:4018182840858

Hi my name is Karen Alvarado,i came across your number on Craigslist and I was wondering what is what you guys help with?

October 18, 201813:3413236365199

Looking for a place to rent near Southbay area. Please call/text me. Thanks, Cali

October 18, 201813:3318187916950

Hi i found your number on Craigslist

October 18, 201813:1213104833245

I was looking for your service

October 18, 201813:1213104833245

I need help getting into a place

October 18, 201813:0815627553727

Hell Clayton,wondering about the apt in the Bixby knolls area,can you call me back.I'm in need for a place for me and my family. I called you yesterday I'm Anival .Hope to hear from you soon thank you...

October 18, 201812:5313232209285

Hello, is this Clayton?

October 18, 201812:1016195584444

Hello, do you charge to help people find apartments?

October 18, 201811:4913238950203

Hello I was intreated in renting as I seen your ad it said to call you could help to look for a place covina area

October 18, 201811:1918183982639

Hi my name is Lucia
Saw your ad on Craigslist want to now how much you charge for your services in helping me find a place

October 18, 201810:5416146954717

Your Google verification code is 746897

October 18, 201810:4816146954717

Your Google verification code is 483875

October 18, 201809:4213106252905

Hello Clayton! I'm interested in your 2 bedroom listing.

When could we see it?

October 17, 201823:0519514835667

Hello, my name is Kristy I saw your ad on craigslist...i would love to be able to get a little bit of help on an apt? What cities do you work with?

October 17, 201817:5916265367129

Hi interested in your service?

October 17, 201817:0913368429109

Hi my names I Bryan jones I was Interested in your add

October 17, 201817:0513104014795

Hi Clayton looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom for my wife and 2 kids no evictions but we have low credit scores between me and my wife we make over $6000 a month our manager sold the place and it's been hard getting approved

October 17, 201815:4115625281342

Hello Clayton my name is Jackie and I'm inquiring about the two bedroom apartment for rent I was wondering is it still available where is it at and if you can give me a call thank you very much

October 17, 201815:3118184518349

Please call back.

October 17, 201815:2619092242311

Hi Clayton how much does your company charge for your service

October 17, 201815:2015624408621

Is this studio still available

October 17, 201814:4613235017139

Hi im interested in the housing services

October 17, 201813:3115622812530

Can you help me find a one-bedroom in Long Beach? My credit score is low.

October 17, 201813:2616034903679

Is this Clayton?

October 17, 201811:4818186296012

Hello. I am interested in your 2br apartment in North Hollywood. Can I check it out this week? Thank you

October 17, 201811:2013233149769

hello I'm darius, calling about the ad on Craigslist

October 17, 201810:5814243305289

Hi, Clayton! My name is Marc Timon. I'm really interested in the apartment you rent in Culver City. Would it be possible to see it? Thanks!

October 17, 201810:2818057145506

Hello Clayton,
I saw your listing for housing
Wondering if you have any open spots?

October 17, 201810:2315037209571

Do you have a website?

October 17, 201808:3113025596114

We help our clients find places to live
Hi what units do you have available?

October 17, 201808:0018185820082

How does this work about the bad credit score

October 16, 201820:2313233203070

Hi is this Clayton??my names Nicole im texting regarding the add you have on Craigslist I wanted to know if you guys charge a fee to help with finding a place me and my partner are currently lookjng to find a place and I'm pregnant and due I february so we are kind of know a hurry to find a good home

October 16, 201819:5217146315155

Hi Clayton my name is Allycianne I need help finding a apt thanks!

October 16, 201815:3419512034192

My name is Lisa, my finance and I are interested in your services. We are trying to find a place for move in by November. We both have damaged credit 650-500 trans/esp. scores 500 fico scores with one apartment collections on each . Would you be able to help us find a place?

October 16, 201815:0613108712556

Hello Clayton
I found your ad on CL about help with finding an apartment. I would like more info please

October 16, 201814:5613104833245

I was looking for your service

October 16, 201814:5213104289744

hello clayton my name is bella im interested in your service listed on craigslist

October 16, 201814:3614086101272

Hi Clayton, Lucy here from Onerent. I just want to circle back with you if you were able to check out the video link that I sent? We are still interested in helping you lease your property, we have spilled over applicants looking for similar property. I’d like to share an overview of our service for you to have an idea how we do it faster with no upfront cost. Are you available today for a quick phone call?

October 16, 201814:2315626452356

I want to move in by the 26th that when i have the money please call as soon possible

October 16, 201814:1615626452356

Hi my name is janel leon i am intrested in ur place and i would like to know more information. About your place please call me at 562 645 2356

October 16, 201814:1318186133187

I am interested in your 2 bedroom Anthony Lopez 818613-3187

October 16, 201813:4814243266292

Hi see you have a posting to help ppl move or find a place

October 16, 201813:4015623504457

Hello find me home in Long Beach

October 16, 201813:2012135685998

Hi good afternoon, I am interested in your 2br, 1500 apartment, how can i apply please, and what is the location, thank you

October 16, 201813:0113235375852

Finding an apartment has been become a really difficult task

How you can help me? I'm a student from Brazil and dont have score at all@

October 16, 201812:4513236913183

I left you a message but I wanted to text you also. I could really use your help. I've never had any evictions or issues of any kind and have excellent referrals. I'm on disability but my father always co-signs and he has perfect credit and a healthy pension and savings. My father manages my small inheritance and is in charge of big purchases. The only thing on my credit is my student loans and they are all in good standing. I currently live w/my bf (living alone again is not a dealbreaker at all) and his credit is killing us. Can you help me/us? I need to move out of my current condo by Nov 30th bc the owners are selling it but they love me as I'm never late on rent and mark and I are quiet tenants. Please, please help me.
Thanks so much for your time,

October 16, 201812:4313108007229

Hi I seen an ad you had on Craigslist

October 16, 201812:3615127448612

How much is your service to look for a place?

October 16, 201812:2416614945451

How much do you guys charge?

October 16, 201812:0915624175741

Hello my name is Chelsea Mata. I came across your ad on Craigslists. Ive been struggling to find someone to rent to me and my mother. Pretty soon I will be homeless with my 2 kids. If you could help us that would be great! Thank you

October 16, 201811:4413103404522

Good morning, I seen your ad on Craigslist does the company have a website ?

October 16, 201811:4415625079563

Where is this house located?

October 16, 201811:2913235090490

Hello may you please call me back in regards to apartment

October 16, 201811:0913238076692

Hi my name's carmen Urbina I'm really interested in this Apartment

October 16, 201809:2313106588338

Hey is this Clayton ?

October 16, 201808:2813103031030

Hi, I was interested in the apartment. Please let me know if it's still available. Thanks

October 15, 201822:0918183249393

Hi how r u ? My name is Enrique Ventura trying to find a single

October 15, 201819:0912067657063

Hello is the lease take I've still available

October 15, 201818:5013233581564

Hello I saw your ad on craigslist im looking for an apartment in Wilmington do you have any available

October 15, 201818:4315712017594

Please call 571 201 7594

October 15, 201818:4113103031030

Hi, I was wondering this the listing still available?

October 15, 201818:0113039493113

Hi Clayton, your mailbox is full.
Im intrested in the apartment for rent

October 15, 201817:0115624199116

Hi I came across your ad on Craigslist. I called your voice mail is full

October 15, 201815:4713232514835

How does your service work

October 15, 201815:4414242921968

Saw your Craigslist posts about renting with a low credit score. What exactly do you do? What kinds of services does your company offer?

October 15, 201815:2912054218350

I'm Latiana by the way

October 15, 201815:2812054218350

Hello Clayton, I seen your post on Craig list and I'm interested I wanted to maybe set an appointment to see the place

October 15, 201815:1316263938936

I tried calling again but the mailbox is still full and unable to take messages. Please call me back.

October 15, 201815:0915626452356

My name janel leon i am interested. In your place i would. Like to know more information. Please give me a call. My number is 562 6452356 thank u

October 15, 201814:5213232728112

Hello Clayton this is Ruby Stokes is your 2bdrm still avaliable?Please call me at 323-272-8112 Thanks

October 15, 201814:0113109238004

Hello i just saw you announcement on craiglist about a 2br Appartment in Torrance and another one in gardena and i wanted to know if they are still available
Contact me at (310) 923-8004
My name is Guylene
Thank you

October 15, 201813:4718057918606

What are your rental requirements?

October 15, 201813:4718057918606

Hello interested in your 2/1.5 in.sylmar

October 15, 201813:2712134077215

Hi i was texting about the 1 bedroom for rent. 1375 in Cerritos. Could we schedule a viewing for that

October 15, 201813:2515622045001

Hi my name is Desiree i am interested in unit for rent in hawthorne for 1195

October 15, 201813:0815623464256

Hello Clayton
My name is Issac Ponce I seen your rental on Craigslist in Hawthorne and would like to know if we can set up a viewing for it .

October 15, 201812:3514245528324

Hello my name is sheila orozco and seen your add on Craigslist im very interested in the house you have for rent. I would like to schedule an appointment to take a look at it

October 15, 201812:0816263938936

Your mailbox is full. I am interested in finding out about your services. Please call Midge Pauluk at 626-393-8936. Thanks.

October 15, 201811:4118183095127

Hello its rose I'm still in need of help for an apartment

October 15, 201811:1213236676491


October 15, 201811:1213236676491

Good morning, my name is ray. I saw your add on Craigslist. And I was looking for a single or one bedroom available for move in. I hoping to pay between

October 15, 201809:5718182987304

Hi i was looking in to a 2 or 1 bedroom in north hollywood or van nuys my name is destiny please help

October 15, 201809:5119782908589

How's it going , my name is Kelvin . I am looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in LA . I saw your ad on CL and was wondering if you could help myself and my friend Lailah out !

October 15, 201809:4414086101272

Hi, this is Lucy from Onerent. I was calling about the property at North Hollywood. Just want to check if you're available for a quick and non-committal discussion on how we can help you lease-out your property the soonest possible time with high-quality tenants and with NO upfront cost. We are catering to over 88 qualified applicants looking to rent a 2 bedroom unit in your area. Let me know when can I call for an overview. Cheers! https://vimeo.com/171740740

October 15, 201808:3818184311176

Hi, good morning Clayton. my name is Diana I was trying to leave you a message on your answering machine but it's full. So I thought maybe text you in regards to the apartment. you have for rent I believe it's a studio can you please let me know if it's available and when I could see it. Thank you . God bless

October 14, 201819:0714802057219

Hi there Clayton... My name is Misty and I'll be relocating to the area within the next few weeks. I need help in finding an affordable place to live. If you can help me I would be eternally grateful! Have a wonderful day!

October 14, 201818:1016268044671

Hi, I'm calling about to get information on the apartment for rent in Pasadena. It's a 2 bedroom and rent $1750. I would like to know the location and schedule a viewing.

October 14, 201814:5619159202049

Good afternoon I would like to know when can we go see the house that's for rent

October 14, 201812:1813108093548

Hello interested in the property in Torrance

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