Evaluation of Phase 3 Training period for candidate.
  • Manager Observations

    Observations about the candidate - their knowledge of processes, their ability to learn and grasp complex subjects, work ethic, technical skills, communication, etc.

  • Marketing

  • Avg of scores Q4-N59
  • Avg of scores Q3-N59
  • Avg of scores Q1-N59, Q6-N59
  • Posts/hr worked
  • Avg of scores Q5-N59
  • (leads per ad)
  • Sales

  • (respondents to welcome/total leads)
  • (sales/quality leads)
  • Support

  • (positive reviews/negative reviews)
  • (hrs worked/customer)
  • (Referring to appropriate people, getting help when needed, etc)
  • Professionalism

  • (shifts started on time/shifts worked)