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calling out now
hi Renee how can I help you
hello hi this is carton
hello hi how are you doing
good how bout yourself
I'm okay I'm I I I found your name online but I don't know how to pronounce as in merry we
yeah well Rick's also on the call with us this is going to give you a brief
outlook on what our app is going out with the features that are currently going to be on there and then we'll have some questions for you and we'll yeah everything all
thanks for us giving us some of your time well I escalating told you were developing an app and we're hoping that all pet groomers and all people with pets use the apps so maybe I can give you a quick overview of our at
basically again a lot of people will be using it
and when they need their pet groomed
they'll contact us through the app and then we'll connect them to a groomer say given many criteria like location they need to be in a you know a 5 mile radius and then particular service the type of dog and any kind of special handling for their dog and then we'll match them with a groomer that has certain criteria as well maybe maybe the groomer doesn't like big fluffy dogs or you know temperamental dogs or or or whatever and we will match the 2 up
and that's that's one function and then the apple have other functions such as for the groomer it'll have like a contact list of your clients
and it will have the ability to invoice
and payment methods for your customers as well as like alerts you haven't seen this dog and you know 9 months it's it's he's due for
grooming and as well as mapping so if your mobile groomer you have a customer it'll give you directions and give them kind of estimates if you want when you're arriving and again all these options you can kind of opt in or out
in use whatever is helpful for you so our question to you is basically you know you're you're you're the groomer right so that's that's what you wanted to spend most of your time doing so we'd like to help you do everything else and make everything else easier for you so that you can focus on just the grooming
so given those features that I just listed
you know are the which are useful
and which do you think our what do you think are apt should also include that I didn't want

well if
is this going to be like that scheduling up as well
yes the server
a great so something I didn't hear you mention was like for example a lot of the customers are repeat customers they wanted every 3 weeks every 4 weeks okay no I think something super important one being a you know
reminders up the overview and then making sure that things don't overlap
right right yep you know every few weeks things are going to star overlapping and so I think that like probably a really crucial one just as before hand so that you can
so that you can see like okay and you know next week these are to help a lot so I have to live work on a different day or you know
right this is okay you're going to handle that
right now also which also didn't didn't really mention like if you if you sort of get ready for work in the morning and you noticed someone canceled we can very quickly fill kind of hold your schedule
kind of real time
as well if that's something you would be interested in
and like that
it's like a client cancel
yeah and then you have us you have a a space in your schedule
we can fill the space
almost time in many cases yeah
with like another client you name right right right if you if that's something that you
are interested in as well
you just let us know you have an opening at this time
and as soon as we have someone who we would fill that opening we let you know and

put your contact with that person
I think that would be cool but at the same time
that might
that might kind of cut back on the groomer and client relationship
and I know that really important to
to a lot of the people some people okay you know obviously won't mind because they're they love the whole
new age
everything's online everything's digital but a lot okay all like for example that I work with their order they like to talk to you they like to hear from you directly
all right so I guess I can I don't know what that percentage would be the people that are okay with that
right is it in some cases
there may be no communications but if you prefer you know we can kind of light live transfer calls to you so that you always talk to people to any of the leads that we sent you
or have a tech have them up text give you give you their text message information and then you could have a text I tested you know text messaging chat type thing as well whatever you prefer it's very flexible as far as the features that you use
you know you can use just one feature maybe scheduling or just one feature getting new customers new leads
or you could use everything
so okay yeah that sounds like a lot of options
yeah I I think initially many people would just use a few options and as they get comfortable with the app then they'll start enabling other options
that our app offers
and then so for the after the cost so what it would you have extra for every single other option that you have
yeah that's a good question that's what we're doing kind of our market research on right now is how to how to monetize everything
the lease yeah definitely be yep
go head
no I'm just saying like and and prior situations I've had you know software that
it sounds Cornish away and they give you all these options but then they're charging you so much to use any little other button you know right hydro that's kind of like Turner productive so I think sure
obviously yes this is a big deal so
that to me that would probably be the number one thing that I would want it now
okay yeah that that and it's very important that you you know of course our goal is to make any cost to you you know multiply as far as kind of revenue that you know you're the that you're bringing in right so what apps have you used previously
for it and are you using any apps currently that I I'm not currently using any apps right now I've just been
I've been hand writing them in a a planner and then putting on in my calendar on my phone
but the apps I use have been like at places where I've worked or gone to school
you know there's just so many different options but they all they all kind of did the job it does the trick
do you have the name of the one of the software is do you have any of the names of any of the software is using the best
now I don't
okay do you know just ballpark figure how much the monthly was monthly fee was it charge for I then I wasn't paying for it myself that was just offering the places that I
that I worked at
okay so you currently not using any software whatsoever or no no now that I went on my own I honestly like I I haven't even had time to look at the outset although I know I should
but I I'm currently not I haven't even had time to look
are you currently spending any money on marketing
other than my website cost no
okay and you were paying like a month with me the whole so upset for
yeah I just for the domain and that the soft warm
okay and as far so there's no like not doing any Instagram or Facebook marketing I did find you on yelp are you paying anything to yelp or digital yeah I had a yellow face and Instagram and I just sit on my cell
and are you getting a lot of clients blues I will
yeah I actually am
I I've had it for any setting
increase so
I feel like considering that it's a new business as been going while
okay and how much of your business we would say is like word of mouth is just you know getting clients from other clients
I think that's why it's not a guess I would say it's like 5050
hello do you have any interest in an expanding in in this issue
tell me what I'm sorry do you have any interest in expanding in the near future pop possibly hiring another Goma I thank you

I mean I I can't conducting background and there any error but I am hoping on hiring someone else on and and hopefully we'll pull people at some point
now let me ask you this let's just say hypothetically speaking we have an app I did everything that would help you on your day to day business ballpark figure just if we had just a a monthly memberships see how much would you be willing to pay for something like that and you didn't have to pace per click the only time the paper click is when you would want new clients that well within your area and you know it would be able to invoice for you would be able to schedule all of our clients and would give you also Biles on your past and past history I do you just want a ballpark figure on how much is like that will be working on a month to month basis to where you don't have to write anything and everything was on your phone you can store everything on a cloud and everything is pretty much managed by phone you can also access to either an I. pad also have access to a to a P. C. as well

I'm not sure I I guess I'd have to look at what other ones are charging because
you know I'd have to get like some sort of average there because I I honestly don't know how much they're charging for any any of those out
but it does take up quite a bit of my time so I'm I'm sure I'd be willing to pay I just don't know how much
okay and how much how much of the time of the day are you spending just just riding information and getting yourself ready for the next day
is that including like calls and getting throughout the day and all that stuff yeah yeah just you know calls and you know because we can also help you out by you know hiring in the system that that is you know
that that he could actually higher on the mat so it's just adds David speaking you're overwhelmed tomorrow on Friday you want someone answer call there after calls for a couple of hours from 10 Bucks
you know something like that you know so it's just you know the apple one the like I said make the app usually you and have you like Rick said spending your time moment let us take care of everything else you know invoicing you know is it because I mean I've noticed a lot of you guys got to be paid with other cash or do some type of like application tracked you hasn't really take any credit cards
no yeah most take credit card
but obviously they don't prefer that because of the charges that we have to help her
so like for example I take cash
card then mile apple pay


I guess with the time between like running a card in making appointments and
feeling at all and for the next day I would say
it's about a couple hours of my day
one to 2:00 hours
and I know how many dogs here with a broom bomb on a day like you know but just average day

growing or just the bass or both like what what what do you mean like how many how many hours in my
you know more either **** room in in one day on average
I was 5 to 7
obviously that depends on it
and big dogs little dog **** rooms whatever but
that I think that's probably a a decent average
now let me ask you this we spoke to someone not too long ago and they were they thought that having an update as far as the pets vaccination is to make sure their shots are up to date is that an important feature that that you would like to see in an app as far as you know the pets bio breed you know size you know
temperament you know things of that sort of the very important for you to know like what type of dog you dealing with in advance
and you know as soon as possible on the pet
I think as much information would be great however for me personally I I have a release form where they sighing that the dog is up to date on their vaccines that way if anything were to happen I'm I'm covered legally
okay so do I need to know exactly which shocked they've gotten
I mean
not necessarily because as long as they're signing that their dogs are up to date that legally covering me
okay that makes sense mmhm
so do you all right will pretty much done here unless you have any other questions or if you have any other questions
no that was it
listen Rick earlier it
yep no do you have any other questions no I think I think she covered is better than yep
okay awesome well thank you very much over those and so most of the time and we would love to I keep an open line of communication with you would it be possible for us to give you a call once we were further down and develop me further down the road as far as developing our apps and possibly you know giving you with them all so you can try out they have
yeah that would be great
okay awesome awesome and we do definitely want to pay you for your time where who should I make the check out to unless we mail it
my address says 2956
C. as in cat street
she can unit 13
San Diego 92102
and those who make it out to your company name

you can just make it out to me actually I'll probably be in here it's and they are
I E. L. Y.
last name is P. I. are are
2 all right our all right
all right all he has impromptu yep you all right all eyes an indigo ours and Robert ours and Robert O. as in Oscar
all right perfect thank you so much for your time and will definitely be in touch and we'll get this check made out and sent out to you today
all right thank you so much thank you so much bye bye hello

Completed conference call April 11, 2019 with Mariely. Mariely would like the check made out to Mariely Pirro and mailed to 2956 C St unit 13 San Diego, CA 92102.

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Reached out to owner Mariely via SMS she’s interested in having a conference call with us on Thursday at 10:30am

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2019-04-17 13:46:372019/04/17 13:46:4460BegunCallInterestedInterestedSoldClassic Cuts Mobile Pet Grooming(310) 415-7805Play

she's on the call for crystal
yep hello hello hello hi crystal
yes hi yes we were hoping to get some input from you from we're in the process of designing or at
and let me just give you a quick overview of the app so
we have an apt and we're going to get a lot of people use it
and when they have sort of pet needs then we're going to kind of match them up with our database the service people
so basically they they their pet need grooming
they let him know and then we connect them to the service provider you for example and based on their criteria like location and type of service type of dog and then we'll backs them up and then we can transfer them to you live call transfer or we can text you or we can send you an email and then you would make the arrangements arrangements with them and service our pet
the person that the grammar
that's to be determined that's what we're one of the one of the issues that were working through so that's a good question for you do you know what with what with that type of we'd be worth to you
that's one question
I'm in addition to that will do scheduling for you if you kind of opted you could use any peace any bits of the service that you like if you just need to leave that's fine but will also offer scheduling and organizing your contacts or customers or clients you could send out alerts you to set reminders
you know you can suggest services to them we can have basically calendar to schedule your day
and if if someone cancels you can fill it really quickly with another client and as well as invoicing
and payment processing as well
all right so those the basic services that we offer and again you could opt into any of the services that you are interested in
so what we're interested in knowing from you is you know given that list of services is or something I would always be useful to you first of all and then second of all is there something that you need
that hi I haven't listed that would be great and it out so basically
you know we'd like to allow you to did you just do the grooming and then we can do everything else for you
including like mapping if your are you mobile your mobile number we can map out in all directions
and give give the customer your client you know an estimated arrival time
and that type of thing those are all kind of features were considering putting into the app
I mean that all sounds
great and all but
I mean
like I do my own scheduling
and I I schedule you know
a specific way
and if you guys did my scheduling for me
how would I be able to
like well okay
for instance
if I finish early and I want to squeeze somebody N. or if I want to up an appointment or move an appointment later because I'm dealing with an aggressive dog
how easy or hard would that be to do that well you know all goals to make it as simple as possible so in that in that situation you would set your available you can set your time available so you have an availability between 1 and 130
sometimes I don't know that service right you know that if the moment right
I I would know that like if I finish the client early
right so then you know we kind of instantly you could just say you have an availability is an opening during this time and if we have any clients of you know who are still your service at that time then we'll connect them with with you
and then you can still that opening
okay so
you're you're still figuring out the quirks on how much
each lead would cost but how much is the actual service
well it again that's kind of being determined we at work kind of kind of hovering around you know one dollar to $5 per lead
uhhuh for this type of service
and does diet and is that if I accept the client or just if I accept the call
that that also is kind of being determined generally would be to accept the call because there's no way that we can hear it he is that the lead will kind of
you know an issue at the service right they might just
you know sad to think about it type thing so all right
we we will cover pre screen them as well for example if you if there's big dogs that you know do you know the big dogs or you don't you really fluffy dogs we can screen those people out because filter that out or if you do them all then we you know there's no need to pull that
right and crime working
okay those your so what what we're interested in knowing from you is is there anything additional
that we can put into the apps that will make your day easier basically
so you can focus on bringing
the only thing I really have an issue with currently is if I'm in a secluded area and I don't have that internet service I can't okay you
I can't view my schedule
well we we would we could potentially have like a local copy of his schedule on your app were you would need internet connection that's that's an an option
so you could you could view schedule kind of your calendar for today or the whole week or the whole month
and it's it won't be updated because you don't have internet connection but it will be the last day is that you made
that's true for you
that that is that an issue because I am all online and when I'm innocent quoted area I can't see where I'm going next
right okay yeah no that's definitely something that we could we could easily do

help you question is no are you currently at spending any money a month then
okay so you just everything is what I'm out of this and no this client referrals and advise that my my whole client base is word of mouth it's referrals from other clients
okay okay and are you using any type of software to the keep your contacts or in trouble style for its due invoice I use to our advantage sistar manage to keep all my clients my schedule everything I pay $49 a month
just $49 a month that we have an app that had something special or like that and it would do exactly the same function would you be willing to pay maybe $20 a month for an applet that
and if it sends out my reminders it does all the same yes it does exactly what store managers guys would you be willing to pay you know maybe have $25 a month it's it's hardening 49
yeah and if my and do you charge per client like star vantage charges me if I have over 500 clients it goes up to the next charge bracket
okay right now I have
yeah it goes so right now I have between one are I have I have almost 500 but my my $49 will end at like
if I go up to 500 clients then it'll go into the next paperback it you see what I'm saying well it's all in this then what's the next day but it was 49 to start off with those up to that
I thank you and 69
okay yeah I think I don't know I I have an
I just
I just a race clients that have it use me in a while and keep going
so you use that service to charge credit cards is that mainly what you use that service or
actually I don't accept credit cards the only bad no I then I'll pay pal this al
cash or check
okay so and that's not handled through through that that now with this
so that does not just basically invoicing scheduling reminders
yes is that now this is this store the store manager will keep track of all of your business with that with the dog yes it does it keeps the history and then I can print a report at the end of the year
okay well then then no things like that
huh and the notes about the dog like sometimes dogs might have like a
you know have yeah I I I can put and I can put notes for every visit or I can just put general note saying this stock has spinal spinal injury be be be careful or a service dog has lumps all over and yeah just so I know or what blades I'm using on the dogs so if they say I want the same thing I can just note it all down
no no the quick question just in the event that you were looking for new potential clients we talked to a lot of home or so far and they said that they believe that every Pat every pet should have a bio that way you can have an actual you know history of are nice temperaments size breed not please alerted seem tops and shampoos is that is that something that would be interesting to make sure that you have at least a basic bio on the dock before you even you know take on new clients
yeah actually for new clients yeah I mean you get to know your dogs over time
I ask a lot of those questions when I when I show up to the people's houses as your dog allergic to anything does it have any skin allergies you now have what's its temperament with the dryer and stuff like that so I mean tip pre no that before it
would probably be beneficial only because certain dogs you can lean out so if that has temperament with the dryer I probably wouldn't take the dog in the first place
but yeah come to find a used today yeah that would save you a trip you wouldn't have to go all the way to the to the to the customer's house and you know not be able to pull national service and I'd say would correct
okay awesome let's see here and then let me see here is another question I one set yes we can definitely filter out those types of clients
and so you wouldn't waste any time at all discussing with them
is it because it there's not a client that kind of lied to you anyway is and yeah right after that the dog is aggressive and
right it's right it's
now are using any other type of software or any other types of services to to help run your business and to be gone
no I I mean I have face but I get a lot of referrals through Facebook where looking your grammar uhhuh
people are looking for dreamers on Facebook and a lot of my clients refer me out
are you in this room as well
yeah but I don't do my business on Instagram
I probably open Instagram once a month
though do but as far as you say you use Facebook a lot is that right
I I it's not that I use Facebook a lot but my phone definitely be pyng's when somebody refers me on Facebook okay I'm sorry I work 8 to 8 and if I have a dog on the table I'm hardly on my cell so all right so can you update like photos of dogs on your on your Facebook page
I do you mostly around the holiday Arian
I I put the coupon today bandannas on but other than that I don't I I probably haven't but on my page manager
in a few days okay I okay yeah hi
how many Dolly bomb tests are you able to doing today
I do between 9 and 15
wells on that's for the
yeah I I work 12:00 hours each day 6 days a week so
do you do you find that sometimes you do have openings during the day that you would like filled

it's only if somebody last minute canceled on me normally I book about a week point 5 in advance so my week is but are ready for next week so I I continuously and if I get a cancellation I fill it with and within that day so okay Paul and how often do you have cancellations
hmmm maybe one or 2 a week
not very often
I had a client try to cancel on the last night for my 8:00 appointment and I said
well that I'm gonna have to charge you a fee because now I have a 2 hour gap in my morning
so she said just forget it you can come
okay spoke to the other the other
well well
no I think she coverage that everything
then also so we I've made a need for that okay yes say it again since we moved 1 pick your brain in the future and whatever want to pay you for your time is it okay for us to give you a call once we've gotten further not developments days as far as maybe to you maybe to give you a demo or something like that or yeah that would be great I mean S. S. something that's going to make my life easier and then that would definitely be great
okay awesome awesome so we're should we who's wouldn't make the check out to even worse we mail it
you can make it out to me or to my business and I can give you my address and here and there the business is the approval as room service
correct yes and the we're the millers
hi what's my PO box 23 so 23705
23705 van Allen street V. A. N.
W. E. N.
number one for 3
Wes tells

191307 correct yes
hello all right thank you so much thank you so much for your time will definitely get this type print it out and mail it out to you as soon as possible and we'll we'll definitely be in touch
wonderful thank you again thank you so much so if you have a great day okay you too bye bye

Completed conference call with Crystal on April 17, 2019. Crystal would like check made out to Free lance grooming services, and mailed to 23705 Vanowen St #143 West Hills, CA 91307

2019-04-17 13:29:472019/04/17 13:30:0214BegunCallInterestedInterestedConferenceFree lance grooming services(818) 220-0021Play
2019-04-17 12:13:582019/04/17 12:14:043BegunCallInterestedInterestedConferenceClassic Cuts Mobile Pet Grooming(310) 415-7805

Spoke with Nancy and she told me that she’s interested in having a conference call with us today at 2pm

2019-04-17 10:04:122019/04/17 10:04:2057BegunCallInterestedInterestedSoldBarks(310) 649-1585Play

good morning barks and bubbles
hello hi this is Clayton we were right now how are you I'm good yourself
yeah I'm sorry I didn't get your name earlier I tried Jeffrey
Jeffrey okay definitely well done a call right now with me and my boss size name is Rick
hi every
hi how you doing good we just we're hoping take a little bit you're coming in to get some kind of marketing research on the app that we're doing
so basically let me give you an overview of the app itself the initial design so what we're going to make an app and it's going to be used by a lot of people
and specifically you know kind of pet owners right so when they have a need for their pet say grooming
they'll use the app and it will connect
to say groomer give uhhuh arterial like location and type of dog type of service they're looking for and it will connect with the groomer that also meets you know customer criterias bed you they you as the groomer desire like location and and types of service and it will either connect a call a text message or email and then all right
and then use the groomer will service their their pet
all right in addition in addition to that
it will help you
kind of organized to contacts keep history service that you've done up on a particular dog
and you know their vital statistics if if needed and get out it can also send out reminders for you to these terrors and invoices

if you're a mobile pet groomer then they can give you directions mapping and you know schedules I type of every everything makes sense to me
and it again and it will it can send out invoices and advertisements if you'd like and all of these types of services

you can basically kind of opt into what services you want to use
right right if you only want reminders a minute will you reminders for you okay when everything is everything for you
so the question that we have for you is you know given that list of things that are apt would do what
interest you and what do you think maybe we could add that would help you a great deal so basically we want to make your job easier in your your focus is grooming right or service on the dog you don't want to do all the scheduling and all the invoicing and all of that
so if there's anything else that the app can do that'll make your job easier that's what we're looking for basically
okay well the one thing you've got everything covered
but the one thing that is not covered in the nude or way to qualify
service technician they the groomer the shop to whoever it is that it okay pretty cool part I've been grooming since 1988 and the weak link in the industry is the service technician the groomer your organization is being hired to do the work
okay that's you you've covered everything user you've gotta log a rating they should have a rating based on past jobs they performed
no you know different from yelp you can
access the that is up to date
and not not customer
not customer design it's it's industry design you want no do
I'm all
do you think that grammar should be they should be rated by other drummers and some other clients
can you read they could be rated by the quality
is any of their
the kind of losing that and here with me yeah I'm in I'm in a I'm in a zone working with a Pat on right now is that they hi there copy when hello yeah hi all and so it's more of a
it's more of a
I have a qualification like if you have you ever rented a house in the last 2 years
what did they put you through
well you know you have to apply the you know you have to go to you know background checks and all things out okay well that's the idea so now apply what it takes to rent a house today because the reason that just to give you a peril I'll
I have and I'm marking is my true profession but pastor Matarazzo thank catching or service so I'm giving you a
I'm giving your perspective that you wouldn't get from another grammar is that in order there is in order to rent a house or an apartment today you have to go through all these qualifications not only financial but character blah blah blah well think of turning your child or your pet over to somebody that you don't know anything about
you wouldn't do it but yeah those me soon
but but but look what they put you through I can buy a house today in California cheaper easier
then I can write one
that's one to
so so those that see that's the criteria I'm with with the person right now and a Pat but
put me at the top of your list for helping the recess because I've been in the business a long time I've worked with was very high profile people
in this industry I have a great reputation had built the largest mobile service on the west side of Los Angeles in the eighties and the nineties town and country mobile services I've been philanthropic work Pat Kerr trust American humane best friends animal sanctuary
with with that marketing tool called Hollywood Pat Gallagher where I took
celebrity photos with our with our pets and used it to promote companion animal responsibility so put me at the top of your list
conquer that qualification
is this that is what's happening in the industry right now
possible whether we can reschedule the call when you have like a lease 15 minutes 15 to 20 minutes
yeah yeah I'm just send me a text and let me let me give you a call back
I'm sorry
mmhm no I'm I'm not
I'm sorry I'm not in the market and I can't hear you
past performance and have another opportunity
yeah I'm I'm asking you now what would what would be a better time for me to give you a call back today do you have any availability today June 20 minutes later on
I'm sorry
yeah I'm losing that I can hardly hear you
lost in there
I thank
yes yeah we can try again later
yeah I'll I'll I'll I'll text him and I'll try to reschedule it yes thank you letter I think he's referring to like certifications or licensing rumors
I understand I understand because I mean he's saying that the groomers are the weak link in the business you know and they should be you know rated based on I guess you know the qualifications how long they've been around you know what companies they work for you know and things of that sort
yeah okay
all right so cool yeah I'll custom and I'll try it out okay seating chart okay

Started conference call with Jeffery but he had to end our call because of a client. He told me we can reschedule for later today

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2019-04-16 13:19:072019/04/16 13:19:152BegunCallInterestedInterestedConferenceBarks(310) 649-1585

Reached out to owner Evelyn via SMS she’s interested in having a conference call with us on Wednesday at 10:00am

2019-04-16 13:11:162019/04/16 13:11:223BegunCallInterestedInterestedConferenceDoggie Spa on Wheels(818) 400-7728

Reached out to owner Talin via SMS she’s interested in having a conference call with us on Wednesday at 3:00pm

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2019-04-14 03:13:172019/04/14 03:13:23BegunCallPitchedCall BackBegunGto Automotive Repair(818) 787-6435
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